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Publié : 9 septembre 2016
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English - To help you in your new role

1 – Before you arrive in the Académie

  • You must check that your passport is valid. Without it, you will not be granted the right to stay in France. For non-EU nationals only : Your passport must include your visa stamp and the entry into France stamp (Temporary Work Permit).
  • You need to have prepared the following administrative papers :
a letter of recommendation from your bank
your full birth certificate (original) (N.B. See the instructions on the CIEP website as requirements vary according to country of origin http://www.ciep.fr/assistants-etrangers-france/carnet-route-assistant-langue-en-france )
international student card
For non-EU assistants, you must bring the OFII document (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration), completed and stamped by your Consulate. The OFII officials present at your induction day will deal with this document on October 3rd 2016.
  • Bring along documents which will help you to plan your lessons
    Any authentic documents which will give an insight into everyday living : photos, tourist brochures, newspapers, school textbooks, films, songs, nursery rhymes, adverts, instruction manuals etc .. anything to enable you to present your country, your region, your habits and customs, your way of life.
  • Read your carnet de route carefully. If you should mislay it, you can download a copy from the following website. It is available in four languages.
  • As soon as you receive details of your placement, you must send an e mail of confirmation to dpe7-ase@ac-rouen.fr
  • Contact the teacher who will be directly responsible for you during your stay (name and e-mail address provided in the details sent to you) as soon as possible to introduce yourself and ask if the school can provide any accommodation and if not, what help and advice they can give you in finding accommodation.
    It is a good idea to maintain e-mail contact with this teacher. If you don’t already have an e-mail address, you need to acquire one as soon as possible
  • Make contact with your school by letter in French. If you are in the situation of working in several schools, you should contact your “ établissement de rattachement administratif ». See the glossary for explanations of this term.
N.B. Most schools will be closed July 11th – August 22nd 2016.
  • Plan to bring sufficient sums of money to meet your needs until your first pay cheque arrives (end of October at the earliest).
  • Please note that your administrative situation will be dealt with by the following office :
    Division des personnels enseignants (DPE 7)
    Rectorat de Rouen, 25 rue de Fontenelle, 76037 ROUEN cedex 1
    33.(0) 33.(0) – e-mail : dpe7-ase@ac-rouen.fr

2 – On arrival in the Rouen Académie

  • Go to the school to introduce yourself. Read your appointment papers carefully to know the details of the school.
  • Begin looking for accommodation if the school is unable to provide any.
  • Apply for your "carte de séjour” for non European citizens
  • Medical Visit. (Non EU citizens only) Details of procedure will be given to you on the first training day. The medical visit takes place in Rouen and is a compulsory part of your application procedure for your carte de séjour. You will be given an appointment date and time.

You will be required to attend training courses. The first course is on October 3rd 2016. These courses are compulsory.

Languages Induction Day Training days
German Ocober 3rd, 2016 October 18th, 2016 - December 1st, 2016 - February 10th, 2017
English October 3rd, 2016 October 13th, 2016 - November 10th, 2016 - December 9th, 2016
Spanish October 3rd, 2016 October 13th, 2016 – December 9th, 2016 – March 7th, 2017
Italian October 3rd, 2016 no training
Russian October 3rd, 2016 no training
Portuguese October 3rd, 2016 no training
Arabic October 3rd, 2016 no training
Chinese October 3rd, 2016 no training
All of these days are held at the ESPE, Centre de Mont Saint Aignan, 2 Rue du Tronquet, 76130 Mont Saint Aignan

3 –In order to be paid, you need to :

  • Open a bank account in France and ask for a number of "relevés d’identité bancaire (RIB) originaux”. When you open your new account, you can show your letter of recommendation from your bank at home.
  • On arrival in your school, you need to do the following :
    1 Give one of the RIB to the school secretary (see above)
    2 Sign the Procès Verbal d’installation (PV)
    3 Fill in the information form for the school’s use. This will be given to you on the first day of the training course (October 3rd 2016)
    4 Provide all the required administrative documents You need to provide a copy of your birth certificate and a photocopy of your passport. You must also provide a RIB (relevé d’identité bancaire or a RIP relevé d’identité postal

You will be paid an advance on your salary at the end of October 2016 (80% of your salary i.e. approx 776 euros gross).
Your salary will usually be 970.67 € gross or 794.89 € net per month. (after deduction of compulsory contributions).
The rest will be paid at the end of November as long as your relevant information and documents have all arrived safely at the Rectorat - DPE 7 department by October 10th 2016.

DPE7 (assistants étrangers)
25 rue de Fontenelle, 76037 Rouen Cedex 1

4 – You also need to do the following, although not as urgently :

  • Insurance policy :
    You need to acquire personal insurance "une assurance en responsabilité civile valable en France »
    European Health card for EU residents only. Private health cover for non-EU residents. You need to ensure you have health cover for the first three months of your stay to cover the period before the French Social Security cover becomes active. (The registration procedure will be explained during the training course and must occur before December 2016.)
  • Please note the school holiday dates which are detailed below :
Vacances de Toussaint Fin des cours : mercredi 19 octobre 2016 / Reprise des cours : jeudi 3 novembre 2016
Vacances de Noël Fin des cours : samedi 17 décembre 2016 / Reprise des cours : mardi 3 janvier 2017
Vacances d’hiver Fin des cours : samedi 11 février 2017 / Reprise des cours :
lundi 27 février 2017
Vacances de printemps Fin des cours : samedi 08 avril 2017 / Reprise des cours :
lundi 24 avril 2017

5 – Once you are in your new job :

Your Headteacher (for assistants working in Collège or Lycée) will be the person who will be able to look into any material or logistical questions (housing, paperwork, absence requests etc.)

For help with teaching-related queries, ask languages teachers.

The training days will also provide advice and guidance in all domains.

You’ll find a list of useful websites here.