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Publié : 30 juin 2014
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English - General information

France is divided into thirty geographical areas for educational purposes. These sectors are called Académies and generally speaking, the name of the académie corresponds to the main town of the area. Every school belongs to an académie.
Carte des académies

The Académie of Rouen is made up of two « départements » : Eure (27) and Seine-Maritime (76). A “Recteur” has overall responsibility for the running of the Académie and the Recteur answers directly to the Education Minister. Each département has an « Inspecteur d’Académie » who is Director of Departmental Services for “l’Education Nationale”.

Carte de l’académie de Rouen

Assistants are appointed to secondary schools (colleges and lycées) in France for a period of
- 6 months for German language assistants
- 7 months for other languages assistants

Your working week is fixed at twelve teaching hours irrespective of the length of your contract.

To help you find your way around the system :

  • The second degré (secondary teaching) is made up of collège and lycée.
Le collège Le lycée
11ans : classe de 6ème 15 ans : classe de seconde
12 ans : classe de 5ème 16 ans : classe de première
13 ans : classe de 4ème 17 ans : classe de terminale
14 ans : classe de 3ème
Examen : brevet des collèges Examens : baccalauréat général, technologique ou professionnel

Pupils continue studying the foreign language they began at primary school when they enter the collège in 6eme. Some pupils are able to choose another foreign language in 6eme (classes bilangues). Others will begin a second foreign language in 4eme. They will continue studying foreign languages when they enter the lycée and some pupils are able to learn a third foreign language when they enter classe de seconde.